Monday, March 19, 2007

Military Dictator Rules Fiji... for another month...

Do not be fooled people, we are being ruled by a dictator - not the "interim government". If you took the time to evaluate all that's happened so far since the December take over, hopefully your eyes will open up to the reality that is destroying our Fiji, our way of life.

"A military dictatorship is a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a repressive ruler or a small clique who use military and police power to dominate the people mentally and physically. The dictator either seizes power directly, or creates an environment of fear and chaos and offers himself up as the liberator from the current cycle of evil."

Is this begining to sound familiar people?

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."
Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag,
Nazi Party, and Luftwaffe Commander in Chief.

The dictator uses repeated propaganda to reach out to the masses and quells any uprising with a show of unopposed physical force in order to divide the people; thereby conquering them.

For as long as there are people out there who fall in behind the military regime, the country will always be in conflict in whatever form that conflict may take.

Those of you who still believe that this coup by Bainimarama is justified and is the right way to go: Please understand that history is being repeated here, not just Fiji's coup culture history, but the history of Rome (Cicero), Germany (Hitler), Pakistan (Musharraf), Iraq (Saddam).

You know Fiji's ruled by a military regime when:

The military is used as the primary force to control the civil population in violation of the nations constitution.
  • With beatings,torture and even deaths used to scare the populace into submission. All this being done whilst they swear publicly to "uphold the constitution".
The military utilise the tools of propaganda to reach out to the masses in an attempt to sanction their actions and sway the majority their way.
  • A certain radio station with the military appointed announcer marketing Voreqe's work aimed mainly at the rural hard working citizen.
  • National newspapers are not following up on articles that expose the faults of the military led regime ever since the military paid the dailies a "visit".
  • Pro military articles in our dailies from personal profiles of their military appointed personnel, leaks about ongoing "confidential audit investigations" (witch hunts) that are illegal by nature, to straight forward propaganda articles with the same sing song phrases of "move Fiji forward", "peace and stability in the country", "don't disturb the peace", "rid us of corruption"...if you can think of any more email me please and I'll add it in. I'd like to compile a list of the military propaganda catch phrases so people become more aware of these when reading it in the dailies.
  • Remember the military's public campaign against the former CEO Finance Mr Paula Uluinaceva? Lewenski declared him a "wanted man" for officially reducing the military spending budget to F$10,000 per month - before the coup!. Mr Uluinaceva was a victim of a public witch hunt led by none other then the military dictator himself wich caused this gentleman and his family to go into hiding untill he was sure his family would not be harmed by the military's brutal arm of enforcers. He was later replaced by another military appointee. The budget for militar spending was needless to say left alone. This is only an example taken from the many that have occured since the December take over.
The military continue to suppress the people whilst working around the legislation to protect themselves;
  • "Presidential decree" grants amnesty to the military dictator and his soldiers for all their wrong doings. Note that this presidential document is coming out of an office that's surrounded by military personnel right up to the President's secretary. Questions about authentication of the Presidential signature have resulted in investigations into the lives of those who dared to "speak out against the President." Any public hints of this is dealt with by a visit to the military HQ. Mr Keneth Zinck can testify to that, along with the respected lawyer who's been publishing articles regarding the (il)legality of the coup.
  • The removal of the VICE PRESIDENT himself after he sent out a formal memo denouncing the coup. This presidential statement apparently clarified the fact that the Presidential office was not in support, repeat DID NOT CONDONE, the coup. After the removal of the Vice President there was a public statement read from the president's office that the President supported the coup - in a language that differed from previous Presidential statements. Obviously the speech writer had changed or been replaced.
  • Emergency Decree still in place, extended every month. This decree prevents the public from speaking out against the atrocities that this military regime is causing by intimidating the public with silent threats of "visits to army HQ" for some "exercises". The decree denies the individual their right of free speech, public assembly and everything else the military can think of to quell any possible public show of rebellion or uprising as shown in recent articles. Anyone who does so is labelled as "disturbing the peace and stability of this country". We all know who's really doing that don't we!
The military dictator takes total control of agencies that could pose a threat to this regime, and agencies that will enhance the propaganda and build his empire.
  • Public denouncement of the Great Council of Chiefs - the indigenous people's highest ranking body of rulers second only to their leader the President. The military dictator publicly scorned the Great Council of Chiefs in his post-coup press releases and the removal of the GCC appointed Vice President.
  • Military appointed Chief of Police. Removal of Police Commisioner Hughes and other top policemen who publicly opposed the coup replaced by military appointed personnel. The military appointed Chief of Police later announced that the Police was no longer going to investigate the military dictator Voreqe Bainimarama for his involvement in the deaths of the crw soldiers in 2000, for his treasonous statements made against the elected government, for him and his men's involvement in the illegal removal of arms shipment from the wharf just before the coup.
  • Military appointed head of Prisons to prevent any possible chance of having him or his men ending up there. As the Prisons department doesn't pose a direct threat to the illegal regime, the only reason he'd have this take over is to remove completely any trace or possibility of a legal lashback on him and his men for their illegal actions in 2000[military deaths] to the 2006 coup.
  • Military removal of Justice Fatiaki and quick replacement with a certain anti-SDL judge. Being in charge of the judiciary allows the military regime to carry out tasks they want to and bend the law to suit themselves - as seen by the recent Nabua roundabout saga.
  • Military removal of all senior government personnel who have been seen as pro-SDL, or simply anti-coup. Personnel that have not been cooperative with the military regime since the coup have also been removed. Under the guise of re-structuring the government, all senior CEOs were sent away - except of course that of the Dictators "favourite advisor".
  • Military appointed Director of Immigration. This department was needed by the dictator to place travel bans on civilians they label as a "threat to the stability of the nation". Somehow the military men never ended up on this list. This list was some 5000 in January 2007 and according to sources from the Immigraition department, the increase was by some 2000 names post-coup. To make the list one had to be removed by the military from their post, speak out in public against this military regime, or just be disliked by military personnel or their relatives.
  • Military appointed appointee for head of Audit Team to "investigate corruption" in all and any government body thay may come under the microscope. Whilst this Audit Team (more like WitchHunt Wackos) have publicly spoken out about allegations of mismanagement of funds in various bodies, they have failed to update the public on the finance scam that was going on under the nose of the dictator himself at the RFMF Finance department. There were at least 22 people sent on "a break" [Lewenski strikes again] from the RFMF's finance section because of "discrepancies" with the FNPF payments. The investigations, according to our military source, were uncovered by FNPF when they realised that there were staff members who were getting paid more FNPF money then their annual salaries. As the FNPF is a percentage of the annual salary, it appeared based on the data presented by FNPF that these staff members were being paid two annual salaries, thereby having two FNPF deductions for every pay. This was picked up by diligent FNPF staff since most of the finance team at RFMF were involved in this. To date, there has not been any updates public or otherwise of what happened to the second annual salary that these RFMF finance team members were deducting from. Who was getting that second pay and why hasn't anything been done about it? Further proof that the military have influenced the media is the lack of follow up reporting on this interesting item since it made it's way to the Fiji Times on Feb 26.
  • Military removal of anti-coup or pro elected-government personnel in various statutory bodies and their Boards. The list is too numerous to name, but we all know those boards and who they are. I'm sure those citizens are awaiting the return of law and order so they may proceed with legal proceedings against Voreqe and his bunch of merry men.
  • Public show of support for the military by the no longer respected head of Fiji Human Rights Commision. This Director of FHRC is no longer respected publicly and internationally with her blatantly biased pro-coup propaganda. When she tried to play down and justify the military beatings and deaths of civilians - she publicly crossed the line and no one can doubt that she's been corrupted by the military regime. This corruption seems to have been coerced before the coup as part of the planning for this, which completely makes her a part of the illegal military regime.
  • Public show of support for the coup by losing political party National Alliance Party of Fiji (NAPF). Their spokesperson was quoted post-coup in the dailies as stating that "the GCC's list to the military should be sent to Santa" in reply to the list of actions the GCC presented to Commander Bainimarama in the quest for peace and stability. These demands were similar to those presented in the EPG report. Not surprisingly members of this party now hold ministerial posts in the military "interim government". These include Interim Minister for Transport Mr. Manu Korovulavula (5.57% of first count votes only), Interim Minister for Fijian Affairs Epeli Ganilau, Interim Minister for Education Netani Sukanaivalu (6.15% of first count votes only). If I've missed out on some names it's really because i'm just too tired to research it. Check elections web site for more information.
  • The shocking silence of the interim ministers in light of the two deaths of civilians at military hands. To date not one of this ministers have spoken out against the deaths, even those who claim to follow a religious lifestyle! What type of religion will condone the beating to death of a human being? When these ministers pray next time one wonders what they're praying for?
The military dictator continues to remind people of their status in the society with public show of force or more subtle means of persuasion

  • We still have road blocks; even if it's operated by the police as they claim it will be, there are still roadblocks in place, with no justifiable reason to have it in place.
  • Military dictator continues to give his illegal Interim Prime Minister addresses from the military army base dressed in military uniform.
  • Military appointed head of Immigration gives his TV interviews dressed in full naval commander gear.(This is in case they mistake him in the Immigration office for a passport-seeking civilian).
  • Military appointed Teleni does likewise for his meetings with public media and civilians alike. Of course Driti and Lewenski are in their military gear be it as military spokesperson or Ministry of Agriculture consultant.
  • Military 'advisors' hold 'discussions' with members of the media who are seen as being too anti-coup in their articles. As a result the media organisations have to tone down their reporting in order for their business to survive, despite publicly declaring themselves as free of military intimidation.
  • Not to forget the extensive harrasement, abuse, sexual abuse, torture and sadly eventually deaths of civilians since the December take over. This is the worst ever abuse of human rights that Fiji has had init's short history, and ranks amongst the worst in the South Pacific.

I could go on and on people, but this article will then become too comprehensive and the main points would become lost in the volume of attrocities that these people have committed against us and our nation.

I appeal to you the people of Fiji, think about these facts that have been presented before you make your mind up about the military dictator.
Don't let someone else do the thinking for you.

When you finally see the light let this regime know that they do NOT have your support.

Can you in good conscience read this and do nothing?

If you still believe that Voreqe Bainimarama and his military puppets are the "lesser of two evils" please let me know - and allow me to persuade you to see the truth for what it is.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than
those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Anonymous said...

Hey, excellent piece of work. Thanks for taking the time to do all this for those of us who do not have your research know how. I say be damned to those who support Lewenski, Frank, Teleni, Ului, Driti, the two Shameem sisters, qauri Qates, all the illegal Ministers especially that poisonous snake Mahn Chaudhry and Poseci Bune, and the rest of you who support this IG. Peoples power will soon come to power again.

Anonymous said...

what a gr8 article! so well written and researched! and ame to the person above me.... can't wait to get rid of all these losers running our beautiful country into the ground. Vinaka Got proof?m and good luck with the blog!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the dust to settle on this they truly say, what goes around comes around. i want my beloved Fiji back. freedom for all.

Anonymous said...

You sound very bitter and may be someone who has been attacked in some way by the military bcos of your association with the former Government. I sympathise with you but your articles I believe are quite childish. With all the name calling and over sensationalising most of what you write you sound like a teenager. Why dont you be objective in what you write and tell it like it is. We will understand your pain and support you.

Bai Ni Vore said...

To anonymous who started with "you sound very bitter..."

I welcome constructive criticism, and i know it comes in all shapes and "sizes" and felt the need to comment to your diatribe.

I am someone who has been attacked in some way - not physically by the RFMF or it's supporters, and certainly not because i'm a supporter of the previous government - BUT because I am a FIJI citizen and have been deprived of my right to speak openly about this topic and have discussions with my colleagues as to what we can do about this opression.

As for my articles being childish, I do try to ensure that I improve my standard of writing and never once claimed to be of the journalist caliber. I stand by my articles. You are entitled to your opion on them. If you choose to read better written articles, visit for a lot of these.

As for name calling, i guess i'm guilty of "lewenski" but anything else?

I'd like to address your claim of oversensationalising. I state it as it is - right now in this country we're being run by a fool of a dictator and his cronies. Our economy is going to crash if nothing is done about this illegal administration. our lives and those of our children are ALREADY affected by this, and will continue to be so, even after a democratic election! So no I don't believe I'm oversensationalising what's going on in this country, just take a look at the numerous blogs popping up regarding the loss of freedom in this country and you'll see that you're sadly mistaken.

It appears that from your comments you don't seem to be living in Fiji right now.
If you are;
Please raise your head from whatever hole it's stuck in and take a look around.

If you still think i'm oversensationalising things, please email me directly and I'd like to take up the challenge of convincing you on the issue.

Anonymous said...

When peoples power comes again, what can we expect: racism, affirmative action, handout, land takeovers, bills granting Fijians favours, and so on. Do I mean SDL? Ofcourse.