Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Art of Deflection

As the attention of the world is drawn to the illegal regime's global humiliation in their failure to secure the respect and endorsement of the Great Council of Chiefs, the illegal regime's best tactic is deflection, deflect the attention from the public failure with some juicy or shocking news that will keep the public's attention away from their public failure!

This came in various forms today - Thursday 12 April.

The first is the allegation that the Ambassadors of UK, US, and Australia had approached Voreqe's thug Pita Driti to stage a mutiny. When it comes down to it, it's simply a matter of his word against that of the honourable, government appointed Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

This pathetic show only serves to prove how desperate the illegal interim administration is in their attempt at pointing fingers elsewhere to make up for their lack of proof of any corruption in the SDL/FLP government. This distraction is an attempt to cause a stir in the rural Fijian community, whose leaders have just turned their back on the illegal regime - and rightfully so. This news is an attempt to tar the embassies and those foreign bodies that speak out for the return to democracy - after all Driti and co can not force these people to the nearest army installation for an 'exercise in diplomacy'.

The best option open to the illegal regime is publicly snob the respective embassies and make it appear as though Voreqe is in charge of these ambassadors. Another weak attempt at impressing the rural community.
As the US Ambassador stated, the US "wants the RFMF to return to the barracks, stay out of politics and public institutions, lift the state of emergency, stop interfering in the lives of ordinary Fijians, the judiciary and other accountable institutions."

Believe me; we the people of Fiji also want exactly that!

The second deflection by this illegal regime is their sell of the EU Meeting outcome - even before they leave for the EU. The notorious former ousted prime minister Chaudhry claims that he is positive the EU will give them the $350 mill for sugar industry restructure. This is the latest attempt to sell the idea that the EU supports this illegal regime. The EU has its rules and regulations and although we as a people have been told that the EU wants the country to go to democratic elections as soon as possible, it doesn't necessarily mean that the EU will hold off on the money. In fact due to the work done by the previous pre-coup Foreign Affairs ministry (again I stress that I'm not pro sdl) this money could be given to us if they utilise the framework proposed for the use of this aid. There is the talk that the ADB regional staff have somewhat influence over the EU opinion, besides the local EU office.

Some light must be shed regarding this aid money - it must be made clear that the proposal for the money IS NOT the illegal regime's work but that of the previous governments! It IS NOT because the EU believes in the illegal regime that they've tolerated the trip, but because EU must be seen as being impartial to local politics and stay true to assistance promised the previous democratic government.

The debate on whether this illegal regime will stay in power long enough to ensure proper deployment and utilisation of these funds are matters that the EU should consider greatly. The political climate in Fiji has now receded to an all time low with the recent developments by the illegal regime. Those in the EU should note that the people of this great country can only tolerate so much before they start reacting, and when this happens, no one knows what the extent of the consequences will be.

Why do you think the military keep hiding behind the "Emergency Decree"?!.

The third deflection is one that may slip under the radar but for the fact that this is provided by board members that were put in place by the illegal regime. A new movie is to be shot in Fiji from 23 April. As you may well know, this work was done by the previous board - whose Chairman and board members were respected members of the international community.
The public must be made to understand that like any civil service department, even though the members of the board have been replaced the work commitments signed off by previous board must be held up or the new board would have to face severe financial and legal penalties to say the least. The peddling of this new movie as the new board's work is a poor attempt to dupe the public into believing that something good is coming out of this evil!

Their fourth attempt at deflection, as unexpected as it may have been to them, is their attempt at turning the citizen's mind away from supporting the one last group that stands in their way - the Great Council of Chiefs.

The illegally appointed self proclaimed "anti corruption cleaner" Voreqe has suspended all GCC meetings labeling them a "threat to national security".
In his speech delivered in RFMF Mess Hall in his usual military uniform, the dictator started with "My Government...." to tell the nation that the decision was his to stop all further GCC meetings. He then went on to add that he was doing it for the good of the nation!

An obvious sign of dictatorship, selfishness and disregard for public or national interest. None but his own. Note that his speeches in early Dec started with "we have decided..." which changed from a plural to singular context soon after to "I have decided..." , " government...", "it is my wish..." and more - as though he has the right to speak on my behalf or yours.
Further proof of the dictatorship in this illegal regime.

This suspension only furthers the cause for justice and democracy in this country.

What Voreqe claimed the previous SDL/FLP government would do with their Qoliqoli Bill and other radical bills, he has done with this coup - he has taken Fiji back to the dark ages.

This last gasp attempt at enforcing their rule upon the multitudes, upon the indigenous Chiefs of this land, upon the poor coup victims, has only served to prove to the world that Voreqe DOES NOT have the support of the people of Fiji. Were this another country there'd be an increase in the number of citizens venting their frustrations out on those that oppress them. Were this another people, there'd be blood in the streets.

But this is Fiji; a land where the indigenous were forced to coexist with other nationalities and they adapted gracefully as is their nature. A land where the unique indigenous culture has thrived, whilst allowing others to thrive also. A land where racialism only exists in the corridors of power and politics, not amongst the rural citizens. Don't believe, travel through Labasa/Savusavu or even the western side to see for yourself. A land where the Fijians are slow to anger and quick to forgive.

This characteristic has been the trump of this illegal regime. They have abused this and counted on the indigenous being themselves and have in every way possible used the threat of violence, public degradation and even death to quell any possible uprising they might face.
For sadly as a fellow non indigenous citizen of mine put it; "this coup is about pitting Fijian against Fijian, whilst Chaudhry rips us all off".

It is time for the people of this country to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!". For the sake of this country, listen to the Great Council of Chiefs. Use their recomendations as a roadmap to bring this country back to democracy and peace. Their consultation must be sought and advice followed for any lasting peaceful resolution to be achieved.

To the members of the EU - Please take into consideration the political climate of this country should the illegal regime denounce the indigenous authority of the people. You can see now what proof of corruption these people have. You can see for yourselves the lack of support they have from the ordinary citizen to the Chiefs. You can see for yourselves the desperate attempts at re-establishing control over this nation. Your money will not be wisely spent should you give it.

There is no guarantee that this illegal regime will stay in power long enough.

Not if the people have anything to say about it.


ex Fiji Tourist said...

The news in Australia tonight carried the story of Bananainpyjamas having a dummy spit and sacking the GCC. The slant that all media outlets in Australia is giving this story is that the green gallahs have reached the end of their tether and are now starting to choke.
Not one credible news source in Australia has given any credence to the laughable rantings of the army chappy who has been forced to say such idiotic things to the parade of grunts heading overseas.
Fijians, it is time you got off your backsides and did something to rid the world of the idiots who are bringing your lovely country into such disrepute.

Bai Ni Vore said...

i totally agree with ex Fiji Tourist.

Lets all stop wasting precious time and start this revolution now!

Anonymous said...

Driti's action clearly indicates a lack of Diplomatic skills. By shutting down the two embassies, what does he hope to achieve.

We have benefited over the years from Aids given by the two countries and it would be suicide to chase them out....especially during these hard times.

So much for moving the country forward.

Anonymous said...

very well said and I agree completely with you. The IG has actally used and abused the good naturedness of the indigenous people and I am also confident that people of other races who are living side by side wth the indegionus Fijians in Fiji should come out boldly and say enough is enough. All peopel elected to Boards by the IG should refuse. At the same time, I wonder if the individuals in the IG realise that we actually have a military government and of which they have become a liming arm and foot to?

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Let's get it on! Time to turf these illegal bastards out into the streets!

newsfiji said...

I agree with you bai ni vore:

let's do it now and not waste time.

Contact me on:

There are lots of us around and their are ways to evade this idiotic army.

Anonymous said...

Driti just got sprung yet again in his bullshit coated web. Intially the claim included NZ. He got sprung - the NZ HC was on the other side of the island. Never fear! I'll just lie my way out of it like I always do thought the pigshit Driti.
How bout the drit and the deluded just thug it out together as a first step - they're both like a couple of schoolyard bullies

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that Driti is but a short man ..... no wonder his mind goes by the same measurement too! ULU KAU!