Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Military Intelligence

This blogging is addictive. Not for want of material but for lack of time, here's a quick run down on the topic.
I thought I'd pick from the best of the best examples of the interim 'military intelligence' based on events that have occured over the last 4 months. Couldn't do all, sorry, blame it on the plethora of cases available.

Not knowing where to start, I thought that the "Hunt for Intelligentsiya" would suit the scene, after all this blogger did not know the availability of such 'internet power' until I saw my friend the Majahhhh on telly promising me that he'd catch these people. Thanks to this free publicity, I and others like me decided to join in and let our voices be heard, especially after my letters to the editor weren't pulished - even though I had toned it down as best I could! :(

We then have the much publicised Felix Anthony board membership saga. In December, the dictator publicly announced that he was going to clean up Fiji of corruption. A hard task, one that a lot of people wanted done - but not by this idiot. He soon proved people's expectations correct by first announcing that "No individual will serve on more then one board" and attacked the likes of Mr Joe Mar for serving on more then 5 boards (I'm not sure about actual number but could have been 9?). There was much publicity by Voreqe and his money man Chaudhry on individuals who served on more then 1 board, and victims of this smear campaign were those such as Mr Joe Mar, Mr Lionel Yee and anyone else they could find. Once they started replacing board members with their own people, they realised that they had erred drastically in the case of Mr Yee's presence on various boards and therefore announced that "ok, now we can have people on more then 1 board".
So much for Voreqe's claims of what "could amount to a conflict of interest and also divert the attention of those who are appointed to the boards."

Whilst we're still on Felix Anthony, remember his public slandering of the two FNPF executives who were told to go on leave pending investigations into alleged corrupt practices. The mainstream media ate it up with the lady executive suffering more since her home just featured in a recent issue of a local magazine. Mr Anthony was very keen to give the media what they wanted, all the 'juicy' details about the real estate this lady owned and her private assets making as much noise as he could about corruption in FNPF.

Suddenly the silence.

It now appears that the new FNPF board is now in negotiations with the two executives' lawyers on how best to resolve this situation, considering that their investigations have come up with nothing at all. FNPF is now into Damage Control regarding this situation, with everyone watching to see how much the silence of the two executives will cost us.

Can't go without mentioning the Fiji Human Rights debacle - when the international Human Rights Body suspends FHRC's accreditation, and FHRC Director ala coup supporter Shaista Shameem replies "we weren't suspended...we resigned".!!

Then came the grand Great Council of Chief's meeting. With people's expectations soaring, pressure applied on the Great Council and their debate on the Presidential nominee for Vice President. With the name already 'revealed' days before the meeting, the general public were left to wonder over the GCC's reaction to such a nominee and the consequences.
We know by now the sequence of events that followed starting with the GCC snubbing the President's nominee. Voreqe and his buddy Epeli Ganilau feigned surprise at this reaction and returned the snubbing by "disbanding" the GCC.
Epeli G states that according to the constitution he has the power to determin who is in the GCC and who shouldn't be. He forgot to mention that he attained this 'power' illegaly !! He forgot to mention that when he tried to attain this power legally in the 2006 elections, his own people didn't vote him in at all!!! Now he's trying to tell the highest indeginous council of the land - our Chiefs - that he will change their membership because they don't agree with his and Voreqe's nominee for Vice President.
The ailing President hasn't been able to convince us all that he understands the gravity of the situation and where Fiji is in now. I say these words with no disrespect to the man, having known the President as Tui Vuda in Vuda village back before the first coup(lewenski, you reading this?). I know that when the late Dr. Bavadra entered politics and won the elections, the village of Vuda was politely split in two with Ratu Iloilo leading the faction that was anti-chaudhry. I stress politely because under Ratu Iloilo's leadership his main aim was to keep the village united in traditional matters whilst respecting individual's political choices - so the village life continued with people tiptoeing over political differences putting their village first. The Ratu Iloilo I knew then would not have supported this tyrant at all - and would have acted sooner and wiser had he been as physically and mentally healthy as the proxy president Peni Nacewa claims.

Back on track.

The so called Fijian Affairs Epeli Ganilau then claims that he wasn't aware that he could have/should have made a traditional presentation to the Great Council of Chiefs regarding their viewpoint and the illegal administration's "roadmap to democracy". His statements make it clear to the people of this great nation that this self proclaimed expert on fijian tradition and culture - judging from his name alone - was totally blind to the ways of the Great Council of Chiefs and thought that he could get away with dictating to the GCC what their choices should be - instead of approaching them in a humbled manner that could have gotten some points for what he was 'selling'.... could have.

How could someone be in charge of the Fijian Affairs portfolio and still forget the best way to present his case to his Chiefs !! Even if he was illegaly appointed.

They then try damage control via attempts at cooling the rising tensions in the vanua with the reassurance that their actions against the GCC isn't new; as though this would justify their injustice to the indeginous council.

More feeble attempts at damage control with the admission that the GCC body still exists, but that they'll just gazette that the "provisions for the GCC are null and void". The Council still exists, they'll just give themselves the legal powers to change the members so that the new GCC members will be the ones that sing to their tune, not the ones that actually represent their respective Vanuas.

The implications of this ignorant individual tampering with the Vanua and it's Chiefly council is something that doesn't bode well for future investments in this country.

Back to our friend Felix Anthony and his love for publicly slandering people. This time APRIL was the victim and after the smear campaign dust has settled, the results of Felix's witch hunt has now cost the Natadola project their golden icon; world reknown pro golfer Mr Vijay Singh. The millions lost plus potential legal costs to this project will have an impact on us the FNPF members, and posisbly the economy.

Then we have the recent tiff between our military and none other then the US themselves.

It started with Driti's public claims that certain Foreign missions attempted to get him to "incite mutiny before the December coup". This was rubbished by the respective Foreign offices. In the ensuing war of words, Voreqe ordered that the security barriers at the US embassy be removed, with Lewenski joining in As a public relations nightmare, this was one that had sever implications not only for the people of Fiji, but more importantly for the illegal military regime - taken from the perspective of the selfish illegal administration. A cover up damage control team was put into action with a conference for all foreign missions to listen to Vore's drivel about the "roadmap to democracy". Of course as a foreign mission representative at this meeting, you'd not want to say anything controversial so they all had a polite tea party and went about their business.

The US then calls for talks with Vore's office to discuss this removal of the barriers and the threat it posed to them. Now we have the possibility - though faint it may be it still exists - that the US embassy could relocate alltogether to an appropriate place if the barriers are removed. In the short timeframe required for such a move, the best solution would be to operate from an already secure international property belonging to the US that already allows for this office to carry out its functions whilst maintaining US mission standards. This could mean relocation to the nearest US embassy outside Fiji.

I had started writing this before the Fiji TV news article came on about Driti's admission of "reading between the lines" , then followed up on Austalian Network news of how Driti admitted to the australian media interviewer that "it wasn't said outright", but that he "read between the lines and knew what they were saying".
Now the whole world knows for sure the level of intelligence we have in the military. With Driti's skills he might want to assist Lewenski in finding intelligentsiya. Something might rub off.

Then my favourite... the latest..

Travel ban for Suva Mayor: Fijian radio station missquotes the Suva Lord Mayor as saying "They will not do anything to the barriers ..." instead of what he was reported as saying "..the SCC did not have the means to remove the barriers...". Fiji Military Intelligence immediately calls up Suva Lord Mayor to inform him he has been put on the travel ban and is in Voreqe's bad books. I guess the FMI Officer forgot to read the Fiji Times article explaining Suva City Council's stand on the matter. Maybe he should get someone to read it to him, slowly.

Fiji's "Military Intelligence".

An oxymoron if ever there was one.


ex Fiji Tourist said...

With a driver like Chaudry at the wheel and a murderer like Bananainpyjamas with the map, no wonder Fiji is heading quickly downhill towards the cliffs of financial ruin.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Keep it up... oh for more time... but you've done a great job breaking the myths of this lying regime with just the few threads you've pulled together. Look forward to more!

fijimahn said...

ha ha ha.. i love how you write my friend. that last bit was hilarious. good work. keep it up.

Link van Zion said...

The problem is that they so dumb that they don't even know what they don't even know. So how can anyone explain anything to them when they are too thick to even perceive the damaging consequences of their actions.
The Yanks/Kiwis/Aussies told them about the dire economic consequences of a coup before Dec 5th, but Frank/Driti/Teleni and Co didn't believe them.
And now that we are actually living through those predictable consequences, these idiots are now coming up with some rubbish about all the good things they have done to "move the country forward"!
Hello! What about all the dumb things you guys did to move the country backward in the first place?
And where is the evidence anyway (apart from in your dreams) that the country is actually moving forward as they say? By any objective measure we are still moving backward at a rate of knots - but these clowns are just too dumb to see it?
Pilari Sit!

Anonymous said...

Great summary my friend. It's depressing to know that we are being led by a bunch of unethical nincompoops. They remind me of a bunch of headless chickens, running around in ever-decreasing circles. OUR TIME WILL COME!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that these inept individuals are allowed by the people of this country, to run things. Stand up and be heard, the silent majority, as our prospects for the future generations are slipping away and the present is being run my morons. After all a good soldier is trained to take orders and kill. This is what is running Fiji now.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

I just looked at TV1 news on the net.

One story was about that some people had noticed a large number of cars outside Bananasinpyjamas' house this morning.

I was amused with the spin that the green goons told the reporters; it was Bananasinpyjamas birthday.

So all the senior military officers came to have a piece of cake at 6 in the morning and sing Happy Birthday.

Pull the other leg; it plays Jingle Bells.

A few blog sites have different reasons for the gathering.