Friday, April 13, 2007

Fiji's Black Friday

Last month, the Emergency Decree was extended and we suffered another month under the Illegal Military Dictator's rule. As predicted, we are into another month, and they've extended the Emergency Decree again!
This time to suit their purpose of suppressing the pending strike by the Unions over the pay cuts being forced down their throats, and now the GCC falls victim to this illegal dictator's childish, pathetic temperament - unfit for a leader at any level.

The Great Council of Chiefs made a decision to stand by their December meeting resolution regarding the coup of December 5, 2006. This meant they opposed the illegal regime's ruling and recomended a quick return to a democratic elected government based largely on the question of legality of the coup.
One can see in hindsight that the Chief's were remembering their mistake in appointing Ratu Seniloli as Vice President after the 2000 coup, only to have the judicary system find him guilty of taking part in the illegal coup.

As was their right, the Chiefs deliberated over the nominee for Vice President and democratically arrived at the conclusion not to support the President's nomination of an illegaly appointed administration and especially if the nominee is already part of the illegal administration. Their reasons for not supporting the nominee ranged from the illegality of the coup, illegality of the individual nominated participating in the coup and the status of the constitution (taken from various interviews with the respective attendees of this meeting).

As a result of the public 'slap in the face', Voreqe and Epeli Ganilau in separate interviews made it clear to the nation

  • Their dissapointment at the result (What were they thinking?!)
  • Their expectation that the GCC would go along with the nomination simply because it was the Presidential nominee
  • Threatening to replace all the 'influenced' members of the GCC with members 'who are willing to take this country forward' because they didn't agree with the GCC's resolution.
  • Their SUSPENSION of the GCC with diversion of funds elsewhere in their attempt to erase the GCC and it's members.
  • Their harrasement of Ratu Timoci Vesikula as a warning to citizens of this country on what to expect from their leadership style.

Besides reminding me of my 5year old daughter stomping and kicking up a fuss because she wasn't allowed ice cream, this behaviour at this level is frightening as one takes into account the power that this illegal regime holds in their hands.

We must never underestimate the power they have, even though they do not have the support of the people of Fiji.

"With great power comes great responsibility."
"With great responsibility comes great accountability."

Driti's claims that he was asked to remove Bainimarama before Dec 5 by foreign diplomatic missions has been refuted by the diplomats themselves and now an escalation of events appear to be looming between the illegal military regime and the respective embassies. The citizens will only suffer more hardship if this happens and is not dealt with now.

The illegal regime need to consider that they have nothing, literally nothing to back them up - they are not in power through legal means, they do not have the mandate of the people, and worst of all they do not seem to have a plan at all. Their claims at having a roadmap have been rubished by their immature attempts at leadership.
Yes ok they do have their guns and that is what's keeping them untouched ... so far.

With the military's latest attempt to establish their authority with the USA giants; they have only shown the world the quality of their mentality, their leadership skills, and diplomacy. Instead of using alternative means of communicating with these foreign representatives via the Foreign Affairs ministry, they've decided to go public - Voreqe's usual M.O for dealing with pressure situations. As the media laps this up, one is left to wonder whatever happened to their illegal interim Foreign Affairs Minister who should have dealt with this situation - hang on, wasn't this individual also the Presidential nominee for Vice President?

Well it appears that the Chiefs have been proven correct to reject the nominee, after all how could this person be accepted as Vice President if he couldn't even handle diplomacy at this level?

Maybe it's because this nominee has taken off with a group of other illegal administrators to the EU to beg for more money? A matter of priorities perhaps.

I am puzzled as to how they believe that the EU will hand over millions of dollars to an administration that has been
  • Rejected by the indeginous Chiefly council representation
  • Lacks the support of the people.
  • Not to mention that it's an ILLEGAL administration.
  • And there is no gurantee that this illegal regime will stay in power long enough to justify the investment!

I had stated previously in my early posts that we're currently being run by a dictator. It appears that there is agreement with that point and by the looks of it, this Dictator is becoming bolder and letting the power get to his head.

For those of you who still believe in the cause of this coup, ask youselves these questions:
  • Are you doing this out of your personal hatred for the SDL/FLP government? Is that what drives you to agree with this illegal administration and their dictator?
  • Are you doing this because you're protecting your interests that were threatened by SDL/FLP government? Does this protection justify ALL that has occured since 5th of December? Does this country deserve to suffer all that it has and more ?
  • Are you supporting this false clean up because you were a victim of the SDL/FLP policies? Was this resort the correct one? Have you exhausted all other aveneus?

If you answered yes to any of the above try the following - isolate your disagreement or hatred of the previous govt, isolate your personal insecurity and look at the events that have occured since December 5.
Strip away your hatred for the previous Government, strip away the personal insecurity, strip away the politics and look at what's left. Look at what's occured since December 5 and where it has taken this country.

Is Voreqe the leader that you wanted?

Is it all justified?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent thinking signposts. This will enable us to think better & more holistically about what this situation for our nation is all about and how people can and should be influencing those that are not thinking logically about it all

newsfiji said...

Thank you bai ni vore for this great piece.

The situation in Fiji is getting very fustrating as more people have to go on reduced hours, reduced pays etc.

Can we please organise to do something constructive for Fiji??

Anonymous said...

Can we get people to walk out of their job at a certain hour and all congregate at the Sukuna park - we do not need to say anything as our action will do it all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Frank is the leader we need. He is the saviour who saved us from the racist SDL led government. Frank will go down as the best leader Fiji has ever had. It is better to have an authoritarian rule than a racist and mediocre ruler. The coup is justified. Long live Voreqe.

Raho said...

to the anon before me, thanks for the sense of humour. "A" for effort.

Anonymous said...

To Anon before Raho - "D" for effect. You nut.

Anonymous said...

To Raho and Anon after: so others comments are funny and deserve "D" but yours have value. You guys are so self centered. Now I now the true value of this blog.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon before raho, "F" for effect!

Anonymous said...

Fiji's freedom bloggers are winning every time they strike a blow for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji.

You have friends everywhere! One of them is "Patriot Abroad".

Look what she has done at

Alternatively, go straight to and type FIJI CHILDREN in the search box.

If you like what you see....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

...And don't forget: give the video a five-star rating BEFORE you email the link to VB, Mahendra, Leweni etc will just annoy them all the more!!!

Anonymous said...

No matter what you think of Frank because I dig the kind of leadership he has, you guys have not seen it all. I salute the interim regime for their effort. Bloggers keep blogging because you only full of crap, you cannot sway my mind that easily, you will eventually see all the evidences of corruption very very soon. Fiji was heading into total bankruptcy before the coup just ask the guys working for RBF and they will tell you. Well I salute you Frank keep up with the good work.